Liverpool John Lennon Airport tops UK airports for flight punctuality

According to a report by Aviation analytics company Cirium, more flights depart on time from Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LJLA) than from any other airport in England.

According to the study conducted by Cirium during this past year, 90.23 percent of all flights from LJLA departed within 15 minutes of their scheduled time – accepted as being on time within the aviation industry.

Liverpool topped the performance table when compared with other airports in England and only just behind the UK’s best performing airports of Belfast International and George Best Belfast City.

Paul Staples, Liverpool John Lennon Airport’s Operations Director commented, ‘Despite the continued challenges due to Covid-19 on our operations over the past 12 months, we have continued to maintain the highest standards of operational performance and are particularly pleased to see that we lead the way in England when it comes to on time performance.

This is really important both for our airline partners and for our passengers who choose to travel from here and is recognition for all the hard work by staff from the Airport, airlines, handling agents and other companies working together to help flights operate on time.

Passengers from across the City Region, the North West and North Wales can continue to benefit from our Faster Easier Friendlier approach, knowing that more flights from Liverpool depart on time than from any other airport in England.’

Cirium’s 2021 On-Time Performance Review for Airlines and Airports can be viewed in full online at

Travel Review Sites Claimed to Boost UK Tourism

Customers that access User-Generated Content (UGC) sites are likely to spend more time and more money on stays in the UK, according to a recent study.

TripAdvisor, a company that provides an online travel community for collating user-generated travel information, has released a study on the impact of online review sites on customer behaviour and the UK tourism and hospitality industry.

The report claimed that page views of TripAdvisor content resulted in bookings worth around GBP1.7bn, on tourism expenditure in the UK in 2011. This comprises around 2.2 percent of total tourism expenditure in the UK for that year.

The study also showed that around 25 percent of tourists stayed longer, spent more or participated in more activities in the UK after using travel review sites. The average domestic spend per trip by users of TripAdvisor UK is around 20 percent more than the average online booking customer, according to the report.

Christine Petersen, the president of TripAdvisor for Business, said, ‘The travel industry has long been ahead of the curve in adopting UGC and really tapping into this to benefit both consumers and businesses alike. Property and site owners that have been truly embracing and engaging with this content not only benefit through the consumer feedback they receive but they have also raised the quality standards of the industry as a whole in the UK.

We knew that our community of over 56 million unique users contribute great consumer insight to each other and the industry but now we see that sites like ours can also drive real economic value.’