Birmingham Airport offers new flight update service via Facebook messenger

Birmingham Airport has announced the introduction of its new flight update service – Flight Smart – for departing passengers via Facebook messenger.

The Flight Smart flight update service was originally offered via Twitter, having launched in summer 2017. Following the success of the programme, Birmingham Airport will now add Flight Smart to Facebook messenger as well. Passengers can send their flight number to the Flight smart messenger page and instantly receive live flight updates direct to their mobile and tablet devices.

Jo Lloyd, Business Development Director – Birmingham Airport said: ‘In this digital age we live by our mobiles, so to be able to see where to check in, what gate to use and which restaurant to choose from, all from your phone or tablet, takes the stress out of travelling. The twitter Flight Smart has been heavily used by our passengers since its inauguration, but we were conscious that not everyone uses twitter, with the addition of Facebook messenger Flight Smart all passengers can have up to date information on their journey at their fingertips.

Paul Brugger, C.E.O of TIC said: ‘Birmingham Airport has been running BizTweet under the Flight Smart brand for eighteen months, due to its phenomenal success they will be launching our complementary Facebook Messenger service. At a touch of a button the airport will be able to provide even more passengers with real-time, high personalised operational and customer service messages directly to passengers via these two platforms.’

Facebook messenger also offers more detailed content, allowing passengers to access maps and directions, information about restaurants and contact details, enabling them to plan ahead of their trip. Flight Smart was developed in collaboration with Cork -based technology company, TIC for Facebook Messenger.

Passengers using Flight Smart on Facebook messenger may type @flybhx into the search tab on the Facebook app or the Birmingham Airport facebook page to get live updates. This service helps passengers get constant flight updates until departure and also allows family and friends to track the flight, the airport said.

Birmingham Airport launches new flight update service via Twitter

Birmingham Airport is planning to launch a new flight update service for departing passengers via Twitter starting this summer.

The new information service, named BizTweet, enables passengers to receive real-time updates via their Twitter feed along the course of their journey, from the opening of check-in to flight departure. Besides receiving flight information, customers will also receive other operational and commercial information and offers.

Commenting on the move, Paul Kehoe, Birmingham Airport’s chief executive said: ‘We want to deliver information to our customers in an innovative and instant way and BizTweet allows us to meet the demands of our passengers.

‘We’re confident that the new service will be welcomed by the growing number of Twitter users choosing to fly from Birmingham so they can enjoy the journey through the terminal while information is delivered direct to their mobile devices.’

Travellers will be able to sign up via the airport’s website or personal Twitter account. The new BizTweet service, offered in association with Cork based technology company TIC, is expected to be launched during the summer, the Airport said.

Founder and CEO of the BizTweet service, Paul Brugger, said: ‘Birmingham Airport is very special to me as it was my local airport prior to moving to Cork. It’s an airport I’ve used numerous times and one I know well as a passenger. I’m delighted Birmingham, our 3rd airport in the UK, has chosen BizTweet to provide passengers with real time personalised information direct to their mobile devices by social media.’

Separately, Birmingham Airport was recently named an Autism Friendly airport by the National Autistic Society.

The Autism Friendly Award recognises the success of Birmingham Airport and OCS Group, the largest provider of assistance to persons with reduced mobility (PRM) in the UK and Ireland, in providing assistance that improves the airport experience for passengers with autism, their families and caregivers. Birmingham Airport and OCS Group have worked together to ensure clear information about the airport is available for passengers with autism, on ways to plan their journey and access assistance at the terminal.

Twitter, Facebook Usage Could Lead to ‘Holiday Robberies’

When Vince Hunter switched on his iPhone, the last thing he expected to see was his house being broken into. The Dallas resident was vacationing with family and friends in Connecticut, planning on enjoying the weekend and catching up with good company. Instead, he was forced to sit through a real time broadcast of his own home being burgled, damaged, and violated.

The reason for Hunter’s surprising broadcast is a unique security system. By pairing a new iPhone application – iCam – with his home security system, Vince was able to record the thieves in action as they broke into his home. The footage has since been turned over to police, who plan to use it as evidence in the search for the not-quite-so-discreet criminals.

Hunter is one of many Americans who opted to pair the application with their security system, and his plan is likely to be picked up by more as similar break-ins occur. With Facebook and Twitter so prominent in many of our lives, the importance of digital privacy is becoming more important than ever. Police believe many similar break-ins occur because of people posting holiday plans online.

Thieves can view such information publicly, often plotting to break into residences while the owner is thousands of miles away. Although applications such as iCam go some way towards repairing the obvious threat, they’re rarely enough. Hunter’s security system was programmed to work alongside the device, automatically calling the police department upon detecting movement in the house.

Enjoy your holiday time, but do so responsibly. Given the privacy concerns surrounding services like Facebook and Twitter, it’s essential that users think before posting information that could lead to a break-in or other crime. Online privacy experts have suggested that users keep their travel and leisure plans private, or only reveal them to a network of close friends.

For Cheap Hotel Deals, Tech-Savvy Travellers Turn to Twitter

Online hotel comparison websites were once considered the pinnacle of value, but a new method for sourcing low-cost hotel deals appears to have emerged. Nowadays, before tech-savvy travellers turn to Agoda or Priceline, they search on Twitter for their preferred cities and hotel chains. It’s the latest development in social media marketing, and it could become a revolutionary change for hoteliers.

Twitter has changed a number of business models since its introduction in 2007. The micro-message service has millions of users and a dedicated business community, with chief executives and experts in finance posting their thoughts and findings daily. While the website has been hailed as the public relations industry’s biggest asset, it’s also proven itself to be a worthwhile direct marketing tool.

Hotels, for example, have been using Twitter over the past three years to alert customers whenever a great deal is available. With occupancy rates fairly low over the past twelve months, marketers have turned to Twitter as an outlet for their special deals. Want to find a hotel room at half-off the regular price? Don’t search using a standard ‘negotiation’ agent – take a look at the hotel’s Twitter account.

It’s a marketing method that’s changing perceptions of social media as being something that only the world’s biggest companies should invest in. While brands such as Coca-Cola and Nike benefit from the website’s power as a customer service tool, independent hotels and other small businesses using Twitter have found that it is immensely helpful in moving discounted units.

So next time you’re in need of a budget hotel room, don’t pick up the phone to call, pick it up and go straight to the nearest hotel’s Twitter account. While a greater number of followers are snapping the best deals up, there’s more than enough to go around – hotel occupancy rates remain low, with many independent operators surfing the ‘net daily to find new customers.