UK Chain Restaurants Announce Growth

Restaurant chains in the UK have reported an increase in annual turnover in 2011, from that in 2010, reports Technomic, a UK based company offering all-inclusive information and analysis on the food industry.

Around 100 restaurant chains in the UK have reported a 5.6 percent increase in annual turnover, compared to a 2.6 percent increase in the same period last year. UK outlets of the restaurant chains have grown by 4.9 percent to 17,593 in 2011, compared to an increase of 3.9 percent in the previous year.

The limited-service restaurants have reported that the biggest increase in the food categories were in burger bars (GBP2.3 billion), coffee shops (GBP1.5 billion) and chicken outlets (GBP1.1 billion). The US based McDonald’s has generated the maximum turnover of GBP1.9 billion in 2011, followed by Wetherspoons with GBP1 billion, and Greggs with GBP707.6 million.

Darren Tristano, the managing director of Technomic, said, ‘It is certainly encouraging to see overall industry growth rates more than double in one year. On a chain-by-chain basis, however, performance varied substantially, reflecting the fact that many organisations are still redefining their value propositions for today’s economy and tackling various industry challenges.’

The top ten restaurant chains in the UK, according to their annual turnover are McDonald’s; Wetherspoon; Greggs; KFC; Costa Coffee; Starbucks; Pizza Hut; Domino’s Pizza; Subway and Nando’s. These restaurant chains together reported annual turnover of GBP7.3 billion, or 52.3 percent of the total turnover for the top 100 restaurant chains in UK.

The fastest growing full-service restaurant chains in the UK include Busaba Eathai, Jamie’s Italian, and Cote Restaurants.