Welsh Wildlife Wonderland Saved

The National Trust should be saluted for protecting one of Wales’ most stunning and renowned pieces of land, by raising one million pounds. ‘Llyn Dinas’ lake and ‘Llyan Isaf’ farm were scheduled to be transformed into a water-sports centre, which would demolish the natural beauty this countryside scene beholds.
The widely admired wildlife spot is the alleged mythical battle ground between the magical red and white dragons. According to the famous fable, the red dragon won the battle, thus it became the country’s beloved national symbol, adorning each of their flags. Llyan Isaf is sprinkled with patriotic history, home to the origin of the Welsh iconic emblem.
The bid to save Llyan Isaf has proven to be the biggest countryside appeal in over a decade, generating donations from over 20,000 people.

Welsh born celebrities such as Matthew Rhys and Catherine Zeta Jones fronted the campaign, contributing generous sums themselves, as they are proud of their homeland and the understated geographical gems buried within. ‘Rhys Evans’, the National Trust’s manager was quoted ‘’I am extremely bowled over by this extraordinary response’.
The farm situated in Snowdonia, sited next to ‘Nant Gwyant Valley’ is regarded as one of the most important environmental stretches of land in Wales, as it remains untouched by intensive farming.

Home to a large community of various wildlife species such as otters and kingfishers, Llyn Isaf epitomises raw natural composition overlooked in everyday life.

The picturesque land looks almost like something out of a fairy-tale. Towering oaks accessorised with copper leaves, huddled emerald mountains, pools of royal blue water, meandering flint walls are all rustic fixtures blanketing the petite brick cottage, enviously positioned in the centre.

One of the world’s remaining story-book beauties remains free of the suffocating interference of man, not destined to be another building site any time soon.

Article by Emma Boyle

40% of travellers embark on water sports without checking insurance

Leading online travel essentials provider, Essential Travel has launched a summer water sports safety campaign after research revealed that 40% of holidaymakers indulge in water sports activities abroad without checking if they have adequate insurance first.

Essential Travel’s “Sea Sense” campaign, which is being fronted by British Kite Surfing Champion, Kirsty Jones, encourages sun-seekers to plan ahead by offering 10% off all travel insurance policies.

Every year there are numerous reports of water related accidents from jet skiing, and surfing to scuba accidents. Stuart Bensusan of Essential Travel comments: “Often people on holiday throw caution to the wind when actually it’s the time to be most vigilant.”

In a recent in-house survey conducted by the travel insurance specialist, 40% of customers admitted to embarking on dangerous water sports activities while abroad without knowing if they had sufficient insurance.

In addition 56% confessed that they had been caught up in the holiday spirit and taken part in an unplanned water sports activity, demonstrating that it’s not just those who go on pre-planned water sports holidays who need to think about cover.

Bensusan, continued: “This is an incredible risk to take if you consider that the accident rate to UK citizens traveling abroad has doubled in the past 4 years with water sports being one of the main culprits”.

“We are trying to encourage consumers to really think about the risks involved in undertaking water activities abroad”.

“Many policies are invalidated if the correct equipment isn’t worn or when alcohol has been consumed. Many also don’t realize that if they are taking part in a sporting activity numerous times during their holiday they may need to increase their sports cover level.”

Even experts aren’t immune from accidents. Last year saw Britain’s Kite Surfing Champion, Kirsty Jones, save thousands of pounds after a serious kite surfing accident in Mauritius which rendered her with an operation for reconstructive surgery on her knee.

Jones comments: “As a professional athlete one of my greatest fears has always been injury. Whether a beginner or an experienced water sports enthusiast, Sea Sense is about having respect for the ocean, elements, other water users and your own limitations. This means pausing to observe, think and acknowledge when the conditions seem too dangerous for you. Sometimes courage is about having the strength and sense to hold back, respecting the ocean instead of trying to fight with it.”

Lynda St Cooke from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: “Check the small print of your travel insurance policy to be sure that it covers all water sports activities. It’s all too easy to make a spur of the moment decision to hop on a jet-ski or hire a boat for the day, and realise too late that you’re not covered. Then you risk extortionate medical bills if something goes wrong. We see many cases of British nationals who have ended up saddled with a massive debt at the end of their holiday because their policy didn’t cover them for the activities they took part in. Visit www.fco.gov.uk/travel for more information on travel insurance and preparing for a holiday abroad.”

Essential Travel has launched a Sea Sense microsite in a bid to educate consumers about the potential risks involved. The site includes interviews with water sporting professionals such as Will Hayler, founder of the Ticket to Ride Group and championship Kite Surfer, Kirsty Jones. There is also the opportunity to win free kite surfing lessons with Kirsty Jones which will be hosted at the Ticket to Ride Surf Academy in Perranporth.

Customers can save 10% on insurance policies by accessing them via this educational site.