Millionaire UK Lottery Winners Prefer to Holiday in USA

For those families fortunate enough to win the UK lottery, the US is the preferred destination for a vacation, according to a new survey published by Holiday Hypermarket, a UK based holiday comparison community.

British lottery winners prefer to holiday in Florida in the US, followed by the Caribbean, the Canary Islands and Dubai (in the UAE).

According to the study conducted by lottery operator, Camelot, and Oxford Economics, around 27 percent of those winning at least one million pounds intend to visit the US, and especially Walt Disney World in Florida.

Around 9 percent of the million pound-plus club are keen to visit Caribbean destinations, including Jamaica, while the other popular vacation destinations are the Canary Islands, Dubai and Mallorca. Around 68 percent of lottery winners opt to stay in five-star hotels during their vacation.

The e-commerce manager at Holiday Hypermarket, Calum Macdonald, said, ‘America has always been viewed as glamorous by us Brits so the results don’t surprise me. The good news for everyone is that you don’t have to be a lottery winner to head to Florida or the Canaries as there are deals to suit everyone’s budget out there at the moment.’

There have been approximately 3,000 National Lottery millionaires in the UK since the competition’s inception in 1994, and they have spent GBP21 million on luxurious overseas travel holidays, with an average expenditure of GBP7,100 per millionaire winner.

The report also said that in the last 18 years, 10 percent of the 3,000 winners have acquired new caravans, contributing around GBP7.4 million to caravan sales.