Rent a motorhome and travel the US west coast

The US west coast is a popular place to travel to. Not only is it home to some of the largest cities in the states, it also has dozens of very beautiful National Parks. Ready to travel over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and move to the rocks of Yosemite and Grand Canyon? You can not miss out on renting a motorhome during this travel.

Freedom and comfort: all in one

When you rent a motorhome, you have complete freedom of travel. All the necessities such as a kitchen, bed and toilet are part of your means of travel. What else do you need? You can stock up your fridge with all the groceries that you need to cook meals and have lunches. This provides you with enormous flexibility: you can stop anywhere to have some food or relax.

Visiting the National Parks by motorhome

Within National Parks like Yosemite, Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon there are limited hotels available. However, there are dozens of campings and spots available to park your motorhome. This makes your stay in these National Parks even more joyful. Additional facilities are also present, such as BBQ spots and showers. As the spots are present in the middle of the park, you are surrounded by the impressive nature that the US parks have to offer.

Points to consider

Rent a motorhome and you will enjoy all the flexibility you want. But before you go, make sure you take into account all the factors. With how many people are you going? What kind of luxury you want to have? A standard motorhome can host two to four people. There is a bed available for two people and the dinner table can be transformed into an additional bed. If you travel with more people, you should consider a larger A class motorhome.

Prices of renting a motorhome

You can rent a motorhome based on multiple agreements. The common way is to rent a motorhome for two to three weeks for a fixed price. Often, the providers also combine this with other elements of your holiday such as airplane tickets. A total package can be very appealing from a financial point of view.

If you desire to have more freedom, you can choose to pay a fee per day. When doing this, you can combine your motorhome holiday with a city stay in San Francisco and Los Angeles. For example, staying in San Francisco for three days and then travel around by motorhome and ending the holiday with a few day stay in Los Angeles. Hereby you can optimise the costs of your holiday. Of course, there are also spots available to park your motorhome in the cities.