New Trend in Traveling: Couchsurfing

When you want to travel, one of the most expensive elements of your trip will be the price of your accommodation. It’s costly enough to sort out your travel expenses just to get to where you want to go, as well as buying food and paying for sightseeing and activities once you arrive. So imagine how cool it is to get free board in some of the most exciting and interesting places in the world, courtesy of the new travel trend of couchsurfing.

A fabulous, fun travel experience

When you go away from home, you may just want to lounge on a beach with a book and not bother with the world around you. If your idea of travel is a more interactive experience where you meet up with local people, then couchsurfing is ideal for you. On dedicated websites, couchsurfers meet up to swap information about destinations, accommodation and dates. Potential couchsurfing hosts offer to share their homes with travellers who provide references and photographs, so the host can decide if they are the kind of guests they would like to welcome into their homes. Though sometimes the accommodation will be empty – the host may be away on their own travels – more often, you will share your holiday experience with your host, free of charge.

Sharing time with your couchsurfing host

When you are welcomed into the home of a stranger in faraway places, then it is only courteous to give something back. If you have a particular skill – maybe you are a great cook – then why not share that with your host? Or perhaps you can bring some of your local beer or wine, or some photographs of your home town. By interacting with your new found friend, you can pick up great travel tips. What is the best place to buy good food, a place that only the locals know about? Where is that special little beach that is off the tourist trail? By staying with a local, you can have the inside information that will guarantee you the travel trip of a lifetime. At the same time, you can cut down on those all-important travel expenses!