Things To Do After A Flight Is Delayed Or Cancelled

It does not matter if you fly for leisure or work. You want to get to the destination on time. Unfortunately, this does not happen because of airport construction, security issues, severe weather, and other possible reasons. Trip disruptions are common.

Based on reports released by the US Department of Transportation, out of all flights in 2019 in the country, 1.9% were cancelled and 21% had delays of over 15 minutes. This is enough to miss a future connection. Also, by April 1, US airlines will cut up to 50% of the domestic flights because of the covid-19 outbreak. Delays are even more likely to happen.

Many are aware of the fact that they can look for compensation after a delayed or cancelled flight. You can use the services of Flightright to be offered the compensation that you are entitled to. The company has been servicing people for years and has a huge success rate. However, contacting law specialists is not the only thing you need to think about following the flight delay or cancellation.

Be Alert For Future Flight Notifications

Because of a late flight departure, connecting flights can be affected. This is why you need airline alerts. The Department Of Transportation forces airlines to notify all passengers of schedule changes. This is done through a telephone reservation system and websites.

When it is time to travel, check the status of your flight online with the use of a third-party app like TripIt Pro or the app of the airline.

Act Fast

Specialists recommend that you need to act when a delay is announced. You want to contact the travel agent, travel advisor and even travel insurance provider. When this is not possible, rebook yourself with the use of the app offered by the airline or via phone. This always applies when the delay is over 3 hours. In this case, you are even entitled to some sort of compensation like money or the airline paying your hotel stay. The sooner you act, the easier it is to learn about the available options.

Stay Positive When Discussing With Customer Service

You have to be respectful and polite with everyone that tries to help. This is true in-person and online. When you are positive and polite, you increase the possibility of actually being helped and you might even end up receiving a free upgrade. Airlines actually do all that they can to put you on a plane but when you are rude, you will be the last the customer service department will try to help.

Get A Refund

The US DOT dictates that when flights are cancelled, the traveler can choose to go to another airline. A full refund is available. Take advantage of this if this is the best option for you. A refund might even be offered after flight delays, based on some specific circumstances.

You are the one traveling so you need to choose if you want to be rebooked or refunded. When rescheduling, be extremely careful when this is done. You want to avoid the off-peak times or you would be asked to pay a difference.

Verify Your Credit Cards

Many credit cards and even some debit cards offer complimentary travel perks. This includes airport lounge access so you can use WiFi, eat and drink there. Some of the credit cards even allow you to use a concierge service that would rebook flights for you. In other cases, a trip insurance policy is built-in to cover numerous unforeseen expenses, like flight delays and cancellations. However, most travelers do not even know that they already have access to some perks thanks to their credit card provider.