Travel light on your honeymoon with my Travel Cash

Newlyweds are increasingly shunning the wedding list and asking for money as a wedding gift to put the cash towards a honeymoon.

Research shows that 45% of couples would prefer guests to give them money, with 26% opting for vouchers towards a honeymoon.

It’s becoming a growing trend for couples to ask for money as a wedding gift. Since the recession, it has become more acceptable to ask for money, either to put towards the honeymoon, or towards a major purchase. In the past couples may have been embarrassed to ask, but during these credit-crunching times, wedding guests are happy to abandon tradition and offer gifts that are more practical to the newlyweds.

With the wedding season upon us, couples about to jet off on honeymoon should make sure they pack all the essentials remembering to sort their currency in advance, so that once they arrive in the land of love, they are free to devote their time to their beloved.

To ensure your hands are free for holding, take a prepaid currency card rather than wads of cash as it allows you to spend directly from the card or withdraw money when you want to.

And now you can feel confident when you pull out the plastic on honeymoon as my Travel Cash Prepaid MasterCard® has scrapped ATM withdrawal fees and is giving 1% unlimited cashback on all purchases.

The 1% cashback rewards all cardholders, whether they use the card regularly or not.  Earned on all purchases and paid directly to the prepaid card account every month, the amount earned is only limited by how much the cardholder spends – no hidden tricks or complicated rules just great value, commission-free travel money.

By removing ATM fees on all three of their prepaid currency cards, my Travel Cash cardholders can now use cash machines abroad safe in the knowledge that they will not be hit with additional ATM charges.  For example, using the Euro card to make a withdrawal in Euros could save them up to £4.75 on a typical withdrawal of £100, compared to using a debit or credit card.  The same applies for using the US Dollar card when withdrawing US Dollars abroad.

Why not splash out on champagne and truffles, spa treatments and fine wines for your loved one using the my Travel Cash prepaid MasterCard.

Steve McGarry from Rochdale used his card on honeymoon:

“I used a my Travel Cash card on my honeymoon. My new wife and I travelled to Orlando and then spent a luxurious week cruising the Caribbean. We chose to take a my Travel Cash card because we could each have one, and it was a secure alternative to carrying cash, and just as readily accepted on our travels.” Sorting travel money beforehand means couples can spend more time relaxing and enjoying themselves.