Ryan Air reveal secrets to avoiding optional fees

Ryanair yesterday revealed the ‘secrets’ of how to avoid all the airlines optional fees by publishing a free online guide entitled, ‘How Do I Avoid Paying Optional Fees?’. The guide urges passengers to avoid bringing checked in bags, ensure they check-in online to avoid boarding card reissue penalties, and complete their booking with MasterCard Prepaid to avoid administration fees.

Ryanair’s free guide, which is available with a simple click through on the ryanair.com fees page, advises passengers as follows:

·       Admin Fee– avoidable by paying with Ryanair’s recommended MasterCard Prepaid card.
·       Priority Boarding Fee – is avoidable by not selecting this service.
·       Reserved Seating Fee – is avoidable by not selecting this service.
·       Boarding Card Re-issue Fee – is avoidable by presenting your online boarding pass.
·       Checked Bag Fee – is avoidable by travelling with no checked baggage.
·       Excess Baggage Fee – is avoidable by complying with agreed weight limits.
·       Online Check-In Fee – is avoidable by purchasing Ryanair’s lowest advertised promotional fares which include online check-in free of charge.


Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said:

 “Ryanair’s optional fees are designed to encourage passengers to travel in a low cost way, which enables Ryanair to save costs and pass on these savings through the lowest possible fares to our passengers. We are the only airline to have a detailed fees table easily accessible on our home page and now we have also produced a free guide to avoiding these optional fees – to ensure that all Ryanair passengers know how to avoid them.
At Ryanair we don’t want your fees, we want to change passenger behaviour so that all passengers book their tickets and travel with us in the lowest cost manner which enables Ryanair to sell the lowest priced airfares to our 75m passengers.”