Angry Birds launch UK activity park

The creator of the successful game Angry Birds has announced plans to open themed activity parks across the UK. Hoping to expand its reach, beyond being the world’s most downloaded game.

In the game players use a slingshot to catapult birds to destroy green pigs, which are hidden within the game. Facebook has declared it as the fastest-growing app with more than 700 million downloads. 

Angry Birds creator Rovio announced plans to launch the parks as its first expansion outside Finland, with further plans to target the Asian market.

The news followed the release of the new Angry Birds Space game, which was released, on iTunes, Android, PC and Mac yesterday.

Working alongside Finnish playground equipment maker Lappset, the parks will feature swings, sandpits, climbing towers, slides and outdoor arcade games which have been inspired by the popular game.

The playgrounds will be situated in cities and towns or attached to large-scale theme parks across the country. 

Visitors to the parks could receive an added bonus when arriving on the playground. Mobile phone sensors will detect when they arrive allowing them to download bonus features.

Peter Vesterbacka, marketing chief of the Finnish start-up said: “I hope that the parks will encourage more children to engage in outdoor activities with their families.

The game is played by two year olds and their grandparents. Hopefully with these activity parks they will do a little exercise”.

He admitted that thousands of these parks could be placed across the planet.

Rovio revealed plans to team up with a major US retail chain to sell its merchandise, and plans were in place to open branded retail stores in China.

On April 28 ‘Angry Birds Land’ will officially open in Finland. Visitors will be able to enjoy attractions, which include rides, park games and a ‘Magic Place’ area, which features interactive games.

The makers consider their selves an entertainment brand, not just a games company. 

Mr Vesterbacka added: “We want to make Angry Birds a permanent part of pop culture. We’re just getting started”.

Article by Charlotte Greenhalgh