Gogobot to offer app to make travel more personalised

Travel advice provider, Gogobot, has announced that it has launched a new iPhone application that allows customers to perform various travel-related functions through their smart phone.

The company said that its Gogobot 2.0 app is a comprehensive solution that would allow customers to research, plan, book and share travel experiences with friends using a mobile device. The firm said that the app would have a role to play in all stages of travel, from planning a trip, to sharing experiences while on the trip, to reviewing a destination.

Gogobot said that the new app relies on recommendations from friends and fellow travellers. Using the app, a traveller would be allowed to browse places in more than 60,000 destinations. They would be presented with a list of top restaurants, hotels and things to do based on what is trending in their personal network. Fellow travellers, or travellers who know each other, would be able to provide each other with personal recommendations enhancing the quality of travel information.

Since people who have visited new destinations can review the visit through the app, the service will offer a chance for users to be well informed about the places they plan to visit. Full-screen photos may also be viewed in a newly designed, photo carousel-style layout. The company already has more than two million registered users.

The firm’s CEO and co-founder, Travis Katz, said, ‘We wanted to make the first app that lets you take all the steps associated with travel, from the planning to the sharing of your experiences. We’ve made it even more social, as you can follow where your friends and those in your network are travelling and learn if they liked a destination or have specific tips. With this kind of trusted, personalised advice, and the ability to immediately book or make a reservation, it’s easier than ever to turn travel dreams into concrete plans.’