Frugal Brits economise on holidays

A survey has revealed that British holidaymakers are cost conscious when it comes to booking their annual getaway, spending an average of just £554.40 per person.

Carried out by holiday booking company, Teletext Holidays, the survey also discovered that many British tourists spent well below the average, with 45 percent of those that responded having spent less than £400 on their break, while only 17 percent spent more than £800 per person.

The survey also investigated the aspect of the holiday that respondents found most exciting. Just under 33 percent said that it was travelling to their holiday destination that they found most exciting, with around 20 percent being most excited by the booking process. 10 percent said that the most exciting aspect of the holiday was researching where to go.

Predictably, there were differences highlighted in the holiday booking habits of men and women. Men were less inclined to book well in advance, preferring to wait until late on in the hope of getting a bargain. Women, on the other hand, were far more likely to book their ideal holiday as much as a year in advance.

Amy Patel, from Teletext Holidays, told the Daily Mail that it is still possible to save money even when booking late. She said, ‘There are deals to be had right up until the last minute and we’d encourage those people who would typically book well in advance, to keep their eyes open for last minute offers too.’

In an ominous verdict on the travellers’ perception of the holiday industry, almost a third of respondents to the survey said that they felt that they were being ripped off when booking a holiday.