Network Rail Launches New App for Emergency Response

Network Rail, a company that operates the railway network in the UK, is launching a smartphone application to cater for the network’s emergency requirements.

The application links the company’s helicopters to emergency services, and will be able to track crews dealing with incidents on the railway network.

The application, which has been named ‘Where Am I?’, uses GPS to locate the incident and then translates the location into geological references. The app has been created to allow the air crew surveying the railway line to find the locations of incidents and send that information to crew members on the ground, after translating the location into a variety of formats, such as, post codes used by the emergency services, grid references used by helicopters, and mileage-based line references used by the railway.

The director of asset information for Network Rail, Patrick Bossert, said, ‘We are always looking for innovative solutions to the challenges we face in managing assets distributed over a 20,000-mile network. By using modern technology we can offer a step-change in the speed and ease with which we can locate and tackle problems to keep trains running smoothly.’

The app for mobile devices was launched during the 2012 Olympic Games and has proven itself successful in identifying an incident and directing emergency services to the exact location.

The accuracy of the app has been tested to within a radius of five metres, and it will be helpful in identifying emergency situations for the entire railway network in the UK.

Malaysian tourism department launches application for smart phones

The Malaysian tourism department has announced that it has launched a smart phone application to help tourists in certain areas of the nation to get around more easily.

Tourism Malaysia, the Malaysian tourism authority, has said that the application, a free smart phone application called Malaysia Amaze-Ya!, will help travellers to reach key destinations in the nation with the maximum of and the minimum hassle.

The department said that the application has been designed to provide travellers with a useful tool for navigating through major cities in the country. Available for both iPhone and android users, it is claimed to offer general information on key destinations in Malaysia. In addition, it will also offer handy tips for the best attractions in Kuala Lumpur, Sabah in Borneo, and Penang.

The tourism department said that the application would be a handy tool for those looking for more serious assistance, as well as those that were exploring for fun. For example, the free downloadable app lists the best places to explore, eat, shop and stay in Kuala Lumpur, Sabah and Penang. Those people that prefer to use street maps when visiting places of interest can get detailed Google maps to take them where they want to go.

The application allows travellers to search through available categories or search by keywords for the information they require. In addition, details about the weather are provided, so that travellers can plan their journey in advance.

The Malaysia Amaza- Ya! app is available to download for free at iTunes and Google Play.

Gogobot to offer app to make travel more personalised

Travel advice provider, Gogobot, has announced that it has launched a new iPhone application that allows customers to perform various travel-related functions through their smart phone.

The company said that its Gogobot 2.0 app is a comprehensive solution that would allow customers to research, plan, book and share travel experiences with friends using a mobile device. The firm said that the app would have a role to play in all stages of travel, from planning a trip, to sharing experiences while on the trip, to reviewing a destination.

Gogobot said that the new app relies on recommendations from friends and fellow travellers. Using the app, a traveller would be allowed to browse places in more than 60,000 destinations. They would be presented with a list of top restaurants, hotels and things to do based on what is trending in their personal network. Fellow travellers, or travellers who know each other, would be able to provide each other with personal recommendations enhancing the quality of travel information.

Since people who have visited new destinations can review the visit through the app, the service will offer a chance for users to be well informed about the places they plan to visit. Full-screen photos may also be viewed in a newly designed, photo carousel-style layout. The company already has more than two million registered users.

The firm’s CEO and co-founder, Travis Katz, said, ‘We wanted to make the first app that lets you take all the steps associated with travel, from the planning to the sharing of your experiences. We’ve made it even more social, as you can follow where your friends and those in your network are travelling and learn if they liked a destination or have specific tips. With this kind of trusted, personalised advice, and the ability to immediately book or make a reservation, it’s easier than ever to turn travel dreams into concrete plans.’

Thomas Cook Offers to Test Olympic Knowledge through Smartphone App

Thomas Cook Group Plc, a UK-based travel company, is releasing a new London 2012 Olympic Quiz smartphone app, for fans attending the UK Olympics.

The new smart phone application is designed to test the knowledge of British Olympics fans, and is offering winners of the quiz, tickets for the athletics final, which takes place on August 9, 2012, in the Olympic stadium.

Fans are invited to answer a series of questions to test their Olympic knowledge, with the questions becoming more difficult with each round. The contestants will be judged on correct answers, as well as on the time that they take to answer the questions.

Competitors will be placed in a national league table to compare and choose the winners. Entry for the quiz closes on July 16, 2012. The winners will receive two tickets to the final day of athletics events at the London 2012 Games, as well as tickets to the Men’s 110m semi final and finals.

The smartphone app will also offer information on the company’s London 2012 Games Breaks, which will be providing visitors to the city with accommodation and various amenities while staying in the locality during the Games.

Previously, the company has announced its Best of Britain themed short vacations, as part of its role as official provider of short breaks to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The newly created Games Breaks are designed around the events, which are expected to attract a huge number of international visitors to the city.

Angry Birds app so popular theme park will open

It is the number one paid app of all time, it has millions of fans around the world – including Prime Minister David Cameron and now it has its very own theme park in the pipeline.

The theme park will be opening in Finland on 28 April 2012, where the game was first designed.

Angry Birds Land will be based on the popular smartphone game, and be part of the Särkänniemi Adventure Park in Tampere featuring rides and interactive games.

Tourists have been told to expect something a bit different, an ‘interactive entertainment experience’ where ‘the physical and virtual worlds combine’.

Miikka Seppälä, the CEO of Särkänniemi Adventure Park said: ‘We wanted to create a unique themed area and associate it with a strong and well-known brand.

‘The Angry Birds characters were born in Finland but are known worldwide by people of all ages. This is a perfect fit for our Adventure Park.

‘Our goal is to motivate the fans, both adults and children, to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.’

The simple game that has become a worldwide phenomenon has been downloaded more than 700 million times since it’s launching.

The game involves catapulting enraged birds at green pigs balanced on buildings made of planks.

The game that took the app world by storm cost just 59p to download, was developed by Finnish gaming company Rovio Entertainment, will now be since in real life as visitors to the park can use a giant catapult to shoot Angry Birds soft toys at green pig balloons floating around a toy brick fortress.

To get a glimpse of Angry Birds Land before it opens, previews will be available though the parks website and the Angry Birds Facebook page.