JetBlue and Virgin America to offer more rewards for frequent travellers

JetBlue Airways and Virgin America have announced that they are to offer more benefits for frequent travellers.

The two airline companies are to introduce new reward tiers that provide additional perks for their most-frequent travellers.

JetBlue Airways said that it would launch TrueBlue Mosaic for members who either have earned 15,000 flight points, or who have completed 30 flight segments and reached a minimum of 12,000 flight points in a year. Those who are eligible for this benefit can get a free second-checked bag. A companion accompanying the traveller may also claim the benefit. Other benefits include quicker security screening at 36 airports, and early boarding. They will also have access to a dedicated, 24/7 customer service line and have options to redeem points for extra-legroom seats.

Not to be left behind, Virgin America this week introduced its Elevate Gold option for travellers. Customers who earn 50,000 status points a year are provided with the benefit, while customers who earn 20,000 status points will be listed under the Elevate Silver scheme. Elevate Silver customers can get one free checked bag, while Gold members can get up to three. In addition, flyers in both tiers will receive perks such as priority check-in, security clearance and boarding.

Virgin America also announced that later this summer, it will launch Main Cabin Express, which according to the company, will feature the ‘most sought-after seats in its Main Cabin-seats in rows five, six and nine aboard the company’s Airbus A319 planes, and rows five, six, seven and nine aboard A320 planes.’


Three new travel websites launched for US frequent travellers

US-based marketing companies, Think Placement and First Quest SEO, have announced that they have launched three websites to help frequent travellers with their travelling needs.

The three sites –, and are in their beta stage. They will provide frequent travellers with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with new offers, customer loyalty rewards and other pertinent details from a single source. The firms said that initially, the sites would provide unbiased reviews of programmes that are being offered by companies to travellers so that they may decide for themselves which offer to take.

Angela Luongo, president of First Quest SEO says, ‘I know from experience how difficult it can be to keep track of all the different loyalty rewards programmes. Only after we fully review the frequent travel programmes will they be added to the websites. We want to get the most ‘succinct’ information to the traveller. Which ones truly reward you the most for your money?

The promoters of the initiative said that the sites would help travellers identify offers that provide the best value for money. They also claimed that the sites would help customer identify fine prints in offers by highlighting often-missed information so that customers do not bargain for what they do not need. The firms are also having plans to link all companies that provide reward programmes. A social-media presence is also in the offing.

Modesto Chinosi, president of Think Placement said, ‘Times are still tough and the economy is still recovering. We believe that the websites will be an invaluable resource for people looking to save money and earn valuable points, free parking days, free airline tickets and hotel stays, etc.’