Last quarter foreign holiday bookings up by eight percent in UK

A survey has shown that overseas holiday bookings between March 1 and May 31 are up by 8 percent compared with the same period last year.

Multicom, a travel software company, has announced the results of its study, which also revealed an increase in holiday costs of 2 percent and a 16 percent increase in turnover.

Whether the upturn is due to improved confidence in the economy, as cited by Multicom, or whether it is more down to consumers finally reacting to years of financial constraints despite the economy, is difficult to say. However, the impact on British consumers of the poor spring weather – which Multicom also cited – will certainly have driven many to book an overseas getaway.

John Howell, Multicom’s managing director, said, ‘These figures show a clear trend that bookings are up this year as people feel more confident about their financial security while also wanting to escape the poor British weather. The increase in spend per booking underlines the renew confidence holidaymakers have it would appear, while the increase in the cost per booking reflects the small rise in prices.

‘The poor weather has also left many in need of a break from the uncertain summer ahead, choosing instead to make plans for a decent holiday where they can be assured of some sun and less rain.’

One company that has benefited from the upward trend is Global Travel Group, a travel agency based in Chester, UK. It has reported an increase in sales of 11 percent across its 400 independent travel agents. The company stated that Spain and the Indian Ocean were proving particularly popular with British travellers, while its cruise sales were up by 25 percent.