iXiGO named most influential travel brand in India

India-based iXiGO.com, a travel search and trip-planning website, has been ranked as the most influential travel brand on social media in India.

Media2win presented the company with the honour following the analysis of statistics shared by two third-party sources, Pinstorm’s India Influencers Index 2.0, and ‘Brands Going Social’. The ranking was calculated against the company’s performance in a number of categories. For example, according to Pinstorm’s India Influencer Index, iXiGO.com was ranked at number 17 among all brands in India. The Klout score on the other hand ranked the firm at number four, ahead of all e-commerce brands in the country. With regard to its ranking, the company also overtook many prominent media and news channels in the country. As per the ‘Brands Going Social’ index, iXiGO.com was ranked at the top in the travel section and at number four among all e-commerce brands.

The company said that it has more than 182,000 likes on Facebook, and nearly 15,000 users talk about the brand. Similarly, on Twitter, it has 2,100-plus followers. Responding to the new status, the firm said that its philosophy of listening closely to its clients has helped it to become popular.

Saurabh Srivastava, VP of Marketing & Product Strategy at iXiGO.com, said, ‘While one can focus on building a large fan base, what really matters is whether there is true engagement and buzz around the brand. How attentive are your followers to your communication and how relevant do they find the content to their own aspirations? On Facebook, a typical post on any brand page reaches less than 10 percent of the overall community and gets only 3 to 4 percent of fans talking about the brand, as likes, comments or shares. With some really engaging travel trivia, facts, photos and contests, we have been able to reach 15 to 20 percent of our community and have over 8 percent of iXiGOers on our page engaging with it actively. This is fuelling our organic fan growth and has resulted in this achievement.’

Recently, the iXiGO Trip Planner, which is available at http://www.ixigo.com/trip-planner was named as ‘the search engine with a human touch’ by eyefortravel.com. It also featured in BBC World’s, Fast Track.