JetBlue expands transatlantic service with Gatwick to Boston flight

JetBlue has announced the launch of its new service between London Gatwick and Boston’s Logan International Airport.

To celebrate the launch, for a limited time, US- originating travellers can benefit from special roundtrip fares from Boston to Gatwick starting at $539 in core and $2,199 for JetBlue’s premium Mint experience. U.K.-originating travellers can fly to Boston for GBP369 in core and GBP1899 in Mint- available online only t

JetBlue flights between the US and London are scheduled to operate using the Airbus A321LR aircraft with 24 Mint suites, 114 core seats and its Airspace cabin interior.

‘Our London service from New York has been an incredible success and we are thrilled to finally bring this highly anticipated service to our Boston customers, a route that has long suffered from high fares by legacy carriers,’ said Robin Hayes, chief executive officer, JetBlue. ‘As Boston’s largest carrier, adding this nonstop service to Gatwick will only make us more relevant in our New England focus city and introduce JetBlue to a largely unserved market.’

‘We are excited to welcome JetBlue’s first transatlantic service from Boston to London Gatwick,’ said Massport CEO, Lisa Wieland. ‘We thank JetBlue for their continued partnership, and we look forward to the additional travel opportunities this will generate for our passengers.’

‘We are delighted to welcome the launch of JetBlue’s new service between Boston and London. Demand for travel to the UK has returned to pre-pandemic levels, and the additional connectivity from Boston, a vital US market, will make it even easier for Americans looking to book their next trip over. As we head into the beautiful Autumn season, whether visitors are returning or discovering the UK for the first time, now is the perfect time to explore another side of Britain, filled with buzzing cities, exciting outdoor adventures, and iconic landmarks with a modern twist,’ said Paul Gauger, VisitBritain’s Senior Vice President for the Americas.

JetBlue’s daily nonstop service is part of the airline’s long-term transatlantic growth plans. Last year, JetBlue launched its first-ever transatlantic service from New York-JFK to both Heathrow and Gatwick, London’s largest and busiest airports. The airline plans to grow its transatlantic presence this year with a new service from Boston Logan to London’s Heathrow Airport, launching September 20, 2022, and an additional Gatwick departure from New York starting October 29, 2022.

Between JetBlue’s New York and Boston focus cities, the airline will offer five daily flights between the U.S. and the U.K. by October.

JetBlue announces new flights between Boston and London

JetBlue has recently announced the introduction of new flights between the airline’s Boston focus city and London starting this summer.

The airline’s new nonstop service between Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) and London Gatwick Airport (LGW) will take off from the U.S. on July 19, 2022, followed by a nonstop service between Boston and London Heathrow Airport (LHR) on August 22, 2022. With service to Heathrow and Gatwick, JetBlue becomes the only airline to fly between New England and London’s two largest and busiest airports.

‘Our strategy of flying to both Heathrow and Gatwick Airports has been a success for us in New York, and we’ve secured slots to be able to do the same in Boston, becoming the only airline in New England offering flights to London’s two main airports,’ said Robin Hayes, chief executive officer, JetBlue. ‘Our London service has been an incredible success so far and we’ve been able to go in with our unbeatable JetBlue service and experience and bring down fares on a traditionally overpriced route – the JetBlue Effect in action. We’re ready to do the same at Logan as we advance our growth strategies in both Boston and London.’

Flights on both Gatwick and Heathrow routes will operate daily on JetBlue’s new Airbus A321 Long Range (LR) aircraft with 24 redesigned Mint suites, and 114 standard seating. Introductory roundtrip fares for U.S.-originating travellers flying to Gatwick start at $499 roundtrip or $1,949 for JetBlue’s premium Mint experience. Roundtrip fares to Heathrow start at $549 for standard and $1,999 for Mint. Seats on both new London routes are on sale now and U.S. point-of-sale fares are available online at U.K.-originating travellers can also avail special introductory fares starting at £349 for core and £1,449 for Mint from Gatwick. Roundtrip fares from Heathrow start at £399 for core and £1,499 for Mint.

For exclusive savings and perks, customers can also bundle their flight and hotel with JetBlue Vacations.

‘JetBlue has been a great partner to Logan for many years and we are excited that they are launching two London – Boston services this summer,’ said Massport’s Director of Aviation Ed Freni. ‘These new flights give our passengers even more choice when they cross the Atlantic.’

JetBlue has also announced that it is extending its flying schedule between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and London Heathrow Airport, with seats available for booking now.

JetBlue facilitates pet travel

JetBlue has announced the launch of a pass that will allow pets on board its flights.

The air carrier has launched a new pass called ‘All-Your-Pet-Can-Jet’. The offer will allow the company’s customers to travel with their pets on board without having to pay out extra fees. This will enable passengers who are apprehensive about leaving their pets at home to take them on a vacation and enjoy the holiday with their companion at their side.

The airline’s offer is as follows; for USD299, customers can bring one pet with them. It is a requirement that the pet that accompanies the traveller needs to conform with JetBlue’s carry-on size and weight regulations for pets. The pet accompanying the customers can travel on any JetBlue flights between September 7 and December 31, and there are no holiday blackout dates. Without the new pet pass, each individual flight that the pet takes with its owner would be charged at USD100.

To benefit from the offer, pet lovers that do not want to be separated from their pets have until September 5 to buy a pass, which may be purchased directly at The company has placed certain restrictions on such passes, one being that routes to Saint Lucia, Barbados and Jamaica are excluded from the facility. Pets also need to have all their veterinary paper work in order to be allowed on flights. It is also believed that only four-legged pets will be allowed.

To make the pet pass worthwhile, customers will have to fly on more than three one-way trips with their pets before the end of the year.


JetBlue expands ‘Go Pack’ for last minute travellers

New York-based JetBlue Airways has announced that it has expanded its ‘Go Pack’ solution for last-minute travellers.

The company said that its ‘Go Pack’ solution would allow customers to find seats on a flight up to 90 minutes before departure. Packages include last seat availability, and the offer is available from September 13 to December 19, 2012 at Go Packs are available for purchase until September 6, 2012

The company said that its expanded ‘Go Pack’ packages include 10 flights, good for the base fare for 10 round-trip tickets. Selected destinations to which the service is being offered from Boston include New York’s JFK, Long Beach, CA and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The offer is claimed to be the perfect fit for businesses that are looking to lock in a fixed price for travel. It is also ideal as a corporate recognition programme and will help families and friends looking to share tickets. The package is designed to offer relief to those travellers accustomed to last minute getaways.

An additional advantage for booking the offer now is that each Go Pack purchased will be eligible for TrueBlue points from the airline’s customer loyalty programme. More information about TrueBlue is available at

The firm’s director of revenue management, Roger Johnson, said, ‘We listen to what our customers want and based on their feedback we’ve expanded our Go Pack offering to 32 markets, up from our original offers of California and Boston to Washington D.C. which included just three markets. We’ve also extended the travel window to three months to give customers more time to use their pass. The convenience of last minute booking without the worry of sky-high pricing is the perfect reason for business travellers as well as those wanting to share passes with family, friends, or employees to take advantage of Go Pack. The best part is that those who purchase a Go Pack will enjoy the benefits of flying JetBlue with their first checked bag free, plenty of legroom, free snacks, 100 channels of onboard entertainment and the best customer service in the skies.’

JetBlue and Virgin America to offer more rewards for frequent travellers

JetBlue Airways and Virgin America have announced that they are to offer more benefits for frequent travellers.

The two airline companies are to introduce new reward tiers that provide additional perks for their most-frequent travellers.

JetBlue Airways said that it would launch TrueBlue Mosaic for members who either have earned 15,000 flight points, or who have completed 30 flight segments and reached a minimum of 12,000 flight points in a year. Those who are eligible for this benefit can get a free second-checked bag. A companion accompanying the traveller may also claim the benefit. Other benefits include quicker security screening at 36 airports, and early boarding. They will also have access to a dedicated, 24/7 customer service line and have options to redeem points for extra-legroom seats.

Not to be left behind, Virgin America this week introduced its Elevate Gold option for travellers. Customers who earn 50,000 status points a year are provided with the benefit, while customers who earn 20,000 status points will be listed under the Elevate Silver scheme. Elevate Silver customers can get one free checked bag, while Gold members can get up to three. In addition, flyers in both tiers will receive perks such as priority check-in, security clearance and boarding.

Virgin America also announced that later this summer, it will launch Main Cabin Express, which according to the company, will feature the ‘most sought-after seats in its Main Cabin-seats in rows five, six and nine aboard the company’s Airbus A319 planes, and rows five, six, seven and nine aboard A320 planes.’


JetBlue’s Innovative ‘All You Can Jet’ Revenue Model Gains Traction

For the second time in twelve months, American airline JetBlue is bringing back its unlimited one-month travel program. Dubbed the ‘All You Can Jet’ scheme by the company’s marketers, the deal allows pass holders to book unlimited flights within the contiguous United States for a flat fee of either $699 or $499. The previous deal was a huge success, with tickets sold out in just two days.

The tickets will be available to consumers for just three days, with JetBlue offering service between the seventeenth and twentieth of August. Given that last year’s entire promotion sold out within two days, it seems the company is looking to the past for ideas on its booking schedules. JetBlue claims that the previous promotion turned a profit for the company, which had seen limited revenue.

It’s an unusual promotion, particularly for an industry that’s accustomed to charging a variable fee for single travel tickets. While JetBlue is minimizing the risks involved in such a promotion by its travel timeframe and non-peak seasonal sales, heavy use of the unlimited travel tickets could have ended up hurting the company. One enthusiast used his pass a record fifty times during last year.

JetBlue is one of several low-cost airlines operating within the United States, operating primarily in the country’s northeast region. Its reputation for customer service and limited prices have made it an increasingly popular choice throughout the recession, although the company faces tough opponents such as industry leader Southwest Airlines.

The company hopes that the ‘All You Can Jet’ pass will encourage residents to visit family and enjoy the country’s large selection of cities offering JetBlue service. With travel gurus already eyeing up a chance at unlimited domestic travel, it looks as if we could soon see the one-month domestic flight record smashed to pieces. One-hundred flights? We think it’s a possibility.

JetBlue Flight Attendant’s ‘Meltdown’ May Have Improved Onboard Etiquette

Travel industry employees may have found their Robin Hood. JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater sparked a media frenzy after he dramatically quit his job at the airline, leaving an airliner through its emergency slide and stealing alcohol from the plane’s beverage cart on the way out. His story is one of several winning praise from airline employees, and it could lead to improved in-flight etiquette.

Flight attendants have embraced Slater as an icon of their trade, claiming that poor treatment and limited approval from guests is part of their job. His dramatic exit has been well received by both the public and those employed in aviation, with several flight attendants labelling him as a working class ‘hero’. Slater is currently out of New York City jail after consulting lawyers and posting bail.

Alongside the approval from service employees is an acknowledgement from those on the other end of the transaction. Audiences have taken kindly to Slater’s story, claiming that it has increased their understanding of what service staff go through. While Slater himself has largely avoided speaking directly with the press, many believe that his ‘meltdown’ could improve onboard airline behaviour.

Slater’s story has been a top feature on news shows throughout the United States, and his ongoing trial in New York will likely continue to get attention. The airline employee has claimed that he is interested in returning to work, blaming a series of events in his personal life for the bizarre exit from his job and subsequent media attention.

For JetBlue, the dramatic exit could prompt a study into employee treatment. For Slater, it could end up landing him with a large fine and a potential prison sentence. For air travel employees, it may result in better treatment, even if it is at the risk of an unusual emergency slide escape.